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Teaching cybersecurity, privacy, coding for kids, and much more through digital, gamified learning adventures.

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Preparing Students for the Digital World

Security Squad is the only interactive cyber-education platform that brings learning to life. The gamified teaching style engages students in a whole new way to explore topics and practice making smart online decisions. Now, kids can learn about the real-life consequences of their digital actions. The Security Squad platform is currently launching the award-winning games and resources for grades 3-5, but we will soon expand to serve all grades from K-12.

We don’t just help kids stay safe and make smart choices online. Security Squad goes above and beyond to teach in-demand job skills for cybersecurity, programming, and more.

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Learning Through Play

How it works

Choose a Game

In addition to Security Squad’s growing library of kid-friendly comics, students can discover new skills and practice online safety in a variety of interactive games. Mini-games teach specific topics with fun stories. Plus, kids can dive deep with “choose your own adventure” scenarios!

Pick a Character

What’s it like to be a young hacker, genius coder, or cybersecurity detective? Play as your favorite character and find out! The Security Squad has a diverse group of characters to choose from. Plus, kids can use the character builder to create a new team member.

Earn a Badge

Learn new skills and earn amazing badges! This gamified learning system combines points, badges, and classroom leaderboards to foster healthy competition and reward positive engagement. Students love to learn new cyber skills while they level up and collect every badge.

Comprehensive Curriculum

For a Safe, Confident Digital Future

  • Compassion: Cyberbullying
  • Safety:  Cybersecurity
  • Protection: Data Privacy
  • Awareness:  Online Predators
  • Responsibility:  Social Media Interactions
  • Creativity: Basic Coding

Our Mission

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Getting Started


Getting Started


Getting Started


Getting Started

Kid-Friendly Design

Join the Squad!


Build a support network, block, and report cyberbullies.


Don’t open questionable emails and never give out personal data.


Social media is super fun and I always think before I post.


Cybersecurity skills keep me safe and improve my future career options.


I know when to report suspicious requests from a stranger while gaming.


Beating the hackers and staying safe online is my favorite game!


High privacy settings and limiting what I post helps keep my data mine.


Crawl, walk, code! Coding should not be scary.

Online Safety Tips

Updated Training for Ever-Evolving Issues

What is safe to share?

Security Squad teaches kids about personal information and the risks of sharing sensitive facts or data, like their full name, address, and phone number. We recommend choosing a fun nickname instead!

Only chat and connect with real-life friends.

With the increasing number of chat tools and social apps, kids need to learn who is safe to chat with online. We focus on privacy and recommend asking parents before talking to a new online friend.

Think before pressing send.

The internet is being cached and stored, so a screenshot, share, or copy of inappropriate photos and messages could get kids into huge trouble – today, next month, or even when applying for jobs in the future.

Internet Adventures

Check out the new Security Squad comic – out now! Students can read about new skills and discover how the squad adapts to new digital challenges.

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