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Security Squad was founded by Bjorn Beam – an entrepreneur and cybersecurity expert with nearly a decade of specialized experience. Over the course of his career, Bjorn has worked with multiple branches of US intelligence, including the CIA, FBI, and Department of Defense. Unlike other cyber-education programs that are designed by traditional law enforcement or marketing teams, Security Squad is backed by real-world cyber expertise and high-level insight.

When he’s not drafting digital privacy comic ideas or writing books about internet safety for kids, Bjorn spends his free time sailing and baking. In addition to his work as a digital privacy activist, he also advocates for sustainable living and conscious coexistence.


The internet doesn’t have to be a scary, dangerous place for kids! Security Squad is at the rescue! We teach safety strategies and social skills that help students thrive in this increasingly connected world. Our interactive, gamified approach makes learning accessible and fun for students of all ages. The games teach skills that improve daily life and give kids the confidence to participate online safely.

As Security Squad continues to grow, we look forward to shifting the needle and kickstarting meaningful discussions about cyberbullying and digital safety. We will expand course offerings to cover K-12 education soon, and we look forward to crafting educational material for all ages in the future.


We don’t just teach digital privacy – we protect it! Unlike other EdTech providers, we are committed to safeguarding student privacy. We never collect any personal data from users and there are no third-party plugins or providers to worry about.

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