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Gamified Cybersecurity Skills and Internet Safety Lessons

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Security Squad makes it easy to teach kids about cybersecurity, cyberbullying, internet safety, coding, and more. Our kid-friendly games and resources pair real-world lessons with fun characters and exciting stories.

Students will love to dive headfirst into our comic-inspired cyberworld while learning new skills and earning exclusive badges. With every point earned, kids don’t just rank higher in the leaderboards – they also gain confidence and awareness to use the internet more safely and effectively.

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Try the Hidden Objects Game Demo!

Can you spot the hidden risks and internet dangers? This game takes students into the Security Squad world as a cybersecurity expert in training. Learn a wide variety of terms and triggers related to digital safety and privacy – then, put it to the test!

Our Curriculum Includes:

  • Focused topic mini-games
  • Full-length learning quests
  • Individual point tracking
  • Exclusive achievement badges
  • Classroom leaderboards
  • Complete teacher tutorial
  • Supplementary resources
  • Digital comics (or print-on-demand)


Security Squad Adventures

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