Curriculum and Learning Plans

Real-World Digital Safety

This fully interactive platform teaches kids how to stay safe on the internet. In addition to technical topics like data privacy and coding, Security Squad also teaches emotional and social skills. This digital shift has created new risks with online strangers, inappropriate social media interactions, and cyberbullying. We teach essential skills in a safe, fun environment that pairs awareness with actionable solutions.

In-Demand Job Skills

While students earn security badges and level up in the leaderboards, they’ll also gain confidence. Coding, cybersecurity, and digital privacy are fast-growing industries, and it’s important to introduce essential job skills at a young age. Even if a student doesn’t grow up to fight digital crime or write groundbreaking code, they will be better equipped to protect themselves as curious, digitally conscious adults.

Cybersecurity Intro

  • Animated topic videos
  • Themed mini-games
  • Learning assessments and quizzes
  • Full-length detective game

Cybersecurity Step-up

  • Introductory materials PLUS:
  • Advanced teacher manuals
  • Additional lecture guides
  • Extended full-length games


Security Squad believes in building an all-encompassing 360-degree curriculum. Each module will touch on all the core topics while diving deeper into various Security Squad Mission Critical skills.


  • Password safety and device protection
  • Data breaches and online scams
  • Malware and viruses


  • Cyberbullying causes
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Strategies to stop bullying

Social media

  • Protecting personal information
  • Digital footprint awareness
  • Defining privacy and access

Online Strangers

  • Understanding intentions
  • Warning signs of predators
  • Strategies to disconnect

Basic Coding

  • Basic coding concepts
  • Logic functions
  • Statements and arguments

Engaged Learners – Safer Citizens

Gamified Approach

Lead the Security Squad through a series of challenges and earn points in the process! This interactive program takes learning to the next level with badges and a leaderboard system that fosters healthy competition. With Security Squad, learning is immersive, exciting, and challenging.

Microlearning Style

Our layered, 360-degree approach combines topics and teaches skills in small increments. The microlearning style provides multiple chances to encounter, practice, and perfect skills. Instead of immediately testing (and forgetting!), growth is measured over time as challenges and risks reappear, just like in real life.

Positive Reinforcement

In the Security Squad, there are no wrong answers. This curriculum encourages natural curiosity and rewards positive engagement. The games don’t penalize students for exploring potential options and mistakes; instead, kids are shown the natural consequences of those choices and encouraged to make a better, safer decision.


Right now, Security Squad games and lessons are only available for grades 3-5, but the cybersecurity and coding curriculum will soon be expanding to serve all students grades K-12. The resources, dialogue, and digital skills are perfectly matched to grade-level standards and expectations.

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