Cyberbullying Crash Course

Protect Your Children From Cyberbullies, Hackers, And Online Predators With This Unique Guide!

With a few taps on the screen, you can order a month’s worth of laundry detergent on Amazon, find a date on Tinder, or join a heated argument on Reddit.

Just as easily, your child could give a phisher your credit card details, share their address with a sexual predator, or fall prey to cyberbullies.

The Internet makes all of this very easy.

You can’t just take away your child’s phone or try blocking certain online activities with parental control apps. It’s easy to find a way around such apps and your parent-child relationship will suffer immensely because the child will know you don’t trust them.

The only way to keep our children safe online is by educating them about cybersecurity, cyberbullying, social media interactions, and online predators.

Unfortunately, schools hardly ever teach these topics, so you have to step in.

Security Squad is a startup that will help you with this mission. It provides interactive online games designed to teach kids of all ages how to stay safe on the Internet. Security Squad is founded by an ex-intelligence officer so you can be sure that the information about cyber threats is of the highest quality.

This book provides an overview of the threats that children face online and offers fundamental strategies for parents who care about the safety of the children.

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