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Security Squad is an interactive, comprehensive cyber-education program that helps kids stay safe online. We don’t just teach internet safety – we equip students with a cyberbullying curriculum and in-demand job skills, like coding. Security Squad prepares them for a bright, connected future.

Digital devices are all around us and the world is becoming increasingly connected. With smartwatches, smart home devices, phones, tablets, computers, and cameras, digital safety is an essential part of modern education. Internet privacy, cyberbullying, and digital safety risks are constantly evolving.

Security Squad combines up-to-date curriculum with a gamified learning style that kids love.

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Social Media

Online Strangers

Basic Coding

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Educational Mini-Games

  • Crossfire. This minigame brings Security Squad comics to life. Answer questions to cross obstacles and make it to the other side of the maze.
  • Token Run. Race through the Security Squad story while you collect tokens and protect private data. Answer questions to increase your strength!
  • Security Sports. Score goals and baskets or get a hole in one! The right cybersecurity answers will help you aim correctly and make the shot.
  • Code Walker. Are you ready to be a programmer? Learn basic coding to move a Security Squad character through the maze and avoid traps.
  • Code Creator. Build your own digital world with a free-mode programming tool. Students can explore their creativity and put learning into action.
  • Scam Catcher. You are Security Squad’s last line of defense! Catch as much personal data as you can to protect citizens while avoiding viruses and spam.
  • Whack-a-Phish. Think fast and stop phishing attacks! Put your keen eye to work as you catch (and whack!) suspicious emails into the trash.

Full-Length Adventures

  • Comic Story Series. Join your favorite Security Squad characters, like Zara and Moe, as they explore different digital worlds and learn online skills!
  • Data Trail. Work alongside a cybersecurity detective to solve London’s biggest cybercrime and catch a notorious hacker called the Phish.

Like what you see?

More mini-games, learning adventures, and resources are in the works! Right now, Security Squad is designed for grades 3-5, but we will be offering a full K-12 cyber-education curriculum soon.



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